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About Wab Corporation?

WAB CORP is the Official OGEFREM Agent in charge of issuing FERI Certificates to cover all kind of Goods shipped to Democratic Republic of CONGO (DRC) from ANY origins.

WAB CORP is the official agent of ARCCLA (AGÊNCIA REGULADORA DE CERTIFICAÇÃO DE CARGAS E LOGISTICA DE ANGOLA) In charge of issuing the loading certificate to cover all kind of goods shipped to the Republic of Angola from the following countries:


To develop smooth international trade for our customers by expertly handling shipping affairs to obtain the required certificates, ensuring smooth entry of containers into Congo DRC, and promoting economic growth by facilitating efficient import operations Promoting Ogefrem goal of providing assistance to shipping companies and promoting foreign trade of the Democratic Republic of CONGO. In addition to providing technical support to the government by developing an effective national transportation policy and ensuring its implementation.


We envision a future in which world trade will flow easily to DRC, where our company stands as a reliable partner of Ogefrem that seeks to support importers and give the best services and Logistics to provide them with the necessary certificates and expertise. We aspire to drive economic development and strengthen international cooperation and contribute to the prosperity of African countries by simplifying the import process.” We are committed to provide the highest quality of service, while ensuring accuracy and reliability in every certification process.

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