More About FERI?

The FERI Certificate (Fiche Electronique de Renseignement à l’importation)  is an electronic document required to clear imported goods to the Democratic Republic of Congo ( DRC)

FERI Certificate plays a crucial role in identifying, controlling, tracking, and forecasting the traffic of imported goods, allowing authorities to ensure the accuracy of cargo information for all stages.

Each Bill of Lading, Road Waybill, or Air Waybill must have a corresponding FERI certificate with a specific serial Number.

It is a mandatory document and should be applied before the arrival of the goods to the final destination, otherwise will lead to severe consequences and a hefty fine.

WAB CORP has a Professional team with good experience in shipping to assist customers in all aspects of logistics to ensure the authenticity of the documents that we receive and the information that we add to achieve the most efficient business collaboration and serve the goal of OGEFRE  to be able to analyze the import process Cargo and centralize the collection and processing of information and statistics related to maritime transport operations to Democratic Republic of Congo ( DRC).

Our distinguished services help expedite the documentation process, reducing delays and potential penalties, and our professional online portal system allows you to submit an FERI certificate anytime and from any device.

In addition, WAB Corporation has the ability to assist in providing more information about trade regulation, rules, and investments in the Democratic Republic of CONGO ( DRC)

More About DRC?

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is located in central sub-Saharan Africa, bordered to the northwest by the Republic of the Congo, to the north by the Central African Republic, to the northeast by South Sudan, to the east by Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, and by Tanzania (across Lake Tanganyika), to the south and southeast by Zambia, to the southwest by Angola, and to the west by the South Atlantic Ocean and the Cabinda Province of Angola. The size of Congo, 2,345,408 square kilometers. It is the second largest country in Africa by area, after Algeria.


  • BOMA


  • Lubumbashi
  • Goma
  • Kolwesi
  • Likasi

Democratic Republic of Congo Regulatory Departments

DR Congo is one of the 19 Member States forming the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), the largest Regional Economic Community (REC) in Africa.

  • DRC is also a member of the following Regional organizations:
  • Economic Community of Central African States (ECCAS)
  • Southern African Development Community (SADC)
  • African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI)
  • Economic Community of the Great Lakes Countries (ECGLC)

There are many regulatory departments in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Those that are empowered in regulatory activities such as tax revenue, control & quality assurance (fuel, food, medical…), and pre-shipment inspections are the following:

  • Office de Gestion du Fret Multimodal: According to the bylaws of the OGEFREM all shipments with final destination Democratic Republic of Congo have to be accompanied by a ‘F.E.R.I. – Fiche Électronique des Renseignements à l‘Importation’ in order to ensure the proper cargo clearance at destination. UN agencies and INGOs can apply for FERI exemption with their line Ministries.
  • Ministry of Plan: In charge of NGO supervision.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: In charge of UN supervision. 
  • Ministry of Social Affairs, Humanitarian Action and National Solidarity: Must endorse the Donation Certificate, one of the required shipping documents for customs clearance.
  • Ministry of Social Affairs, Humanitarian Action and National Solidarity: importation of food by UN agencies; Ministry of Health: importation of drugs and medical supplies by UN agencies.

FERI (Fiche Electronique de Renseignement à l’importation) certificate is required to clear cargo in Democratic Republic of Congo. 

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